To support mental well-being with creative learning. We provide  cultural, social and  enterprising initiatives that enable individuals to overcome mental barriers. 

We also offer specialist advice community services that help to compliment our initiatives


Write to Heal started in Spring 2023 in Enfield The course is helping  those who are experiencing life challenges, including, stress, depression, anxiety, trauma. More


Alicene Alicindor, the winner of our 30-day Book writing competition. More

The Eden Jar  needs volunteers, people who are willing and have the desire to help others. If you are ready  to support  the community for the better, we look forward to hearing from you.

I enjoyed the honesty and vulnerability. Well done- great event

Janmis Belle


Thank you for a great workshop

Angel Crouch

The freedom of emotional expression


Thanks to you for creating such a safe space for us. I have gained tremendous amount of guidance.


I enjoyed the Speakers and the information made available about health. It was a great day!


I liked the knowledge and wisdom and the opportunity for networking

Abei Aluong