Write to Heal

“Let me take this quick opportunity to say that the ‘A Write to Heal’ 4-week Workshop was a phenomenal success and watching participants literally grow in front of your face is truly humbling and this through writing about their pain and finding healing. 

Listening to their awesome and powerful writing was also impressive and this from people who had never written, did little writing or unable to express their thoughts.

This could never have happened without the originator of the idea, Ngozi Obanye; an awesome entrepreneur and creative conceptor in her own right and someone with a beautiful and caring soul…may we continue to touch others as we watch her idea grow in the days, months and years to come!”
Kwame McPherson

Meeting & working with Author Kwame McPherson on “Write to Heal” has proven to be one of the most beautiful, healing, inspiring & positive moments thus so far.
As soon as the knowledge of this course became available, I knew it was for me and made an instant decision to secure my place. I was at a point in my life where it was quite clear that the “mess behind the message” needed to be released in order to wave a non-tearful goodbye to many years of pain & writers block.

The essence of the course involved drawing on & connecting with past, present and (hoped-for) future life experiences in whatever format they chose to present for the individual, for example, a conversation, poetry, prose, an account or a recollection of a memory. 

It was not a coincidence that all of the groups’ participants had similar (yet different) stories to share, which served as both a blessing and encouragement, as each person was at a different stage of recovery. As cliched as it might sound, I was stunned to learn I was not the only one going through such! 

Kwame facilitated each session with compassion, empathy, sensitivity & understanding in its purest & truest forms. A true master of his trade. “Write to Heal has been instrumental in giving my story a voice. I feel excited at the doors of opportunity that await me. 

Thank you Ngozi Obanye for the Write to Heal brainchild. Thank you to my fellow Write to Heal-ers! The journey was amazing and thank you Kwame for you who you are, what you are doing & for what you will continue to do in my life and in the lives of many others. You are officially one of my destiny helpers! Simply the best.”


30 Day Book Challenge

Since joining Eden Jar, I’ve experienced a warm and responsive group of incredible writers, which encouraged me to explore my writing voice and receive important feedback. 

It was also an amazing feat taking part in the 30-day writing challenge, which provided me with key elements when writing my first draft. Overall, Eden Jar has given me lots of confidence in presenting my writing as well as the opportunity to listen to other writers and authors and gain valuable guidance and tips when showcasing my work.”

Annee Patrice


Colloborating with DB Coaching.

“ I attended your session on vision boards at  the library in Dalston where you did a session on coaching. I found the whole session very interactive. I  also enjoyed the intermate setting. It was  nice and small and I really enjoyed starting my own vision board. 

I found the whole experience quite therapeutic. I’m looking forward to more sessions like this in the future.”

Zara Williams

Write to Heal and See The Vision

“This was a brilliant session, the discussion really helped with mental health and life skills for coping. It helped breaking stigma too.”