Enterprise Support

 We offer workshop and courses that  support people and specific client groups with their self-development. Our projects include, budgeting and finance, project planning, goal-setting and reflective practice

We work with individuals, Community Groups, Organisations and Charities.

Five years Ngozi set up a community ‘pardna’ scheme to help people save 
The ‘pardna’ is a system of communal lending and saving. This originated from the Windrush generation and the Africa diaspora. This allows individuals and community groups to access interest-free loans from the collective enabling them to reach their goals of providing services or products to their communities.



“My experience with the Eden Jar pardna has been a positive one.

I first joined over 5 years ago. The fees are fair and the draws are on time. The receipts are handy reminders of payments, so can keep track of where you are. I get a list letting me know when my turn is to get paid, this helps me to plan for large purchases or planning for example, when the children return to school.  It is one that I would and have recommended to friends and family.

Thank you Eden Jar for years of support and community service.”



During one of our outreach exercises, we interviewed people who were experiencing anxiety and depression due to financial challenges. Champion health conducted research showing that financial pressure is a top cause of stress.


From our experience, we know financial worries can block the creative flow. So, recently, we devised a questionnaire to ascertain community needs. This gave us the opportunity to support people or signpost where necessary.

Due to the continued cost of living crisis, we would like  to collaborate with organisations, companies or charities that can deliver financial well-being workshops this year and beyond.


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