Studies show that creative arts stimulates,  engages and frees the mind. It can unlock old patterns of learning and habitual thinking, helping people to boost self-esteem and confidence.



We encourage people to acknowledge their life experiences and skills to fulfill their potential and make necessary  changes within themselves and their community. We provide the resources and   tools to guide them through challenges.


We are passionate in seeing growth and the fulfillment of purpose in individuals. Our creative arts supports individuals in  developing their mindset and adopting a more resilient and positive approach to life.

To build relationships and reach the wider community, we conduct questionnaires and outreach programs. We also  organise networking events, open days, coffee mornings. 

Our History


Eden Jar was founded by Ngozi L Obanye in 2014 to address the health imbalances in the community combining creative arts with social and enterprising events.

In her previous career path as a Community Development Officer and community activist, she saw first-hand how people would  first rank their GP surgeries in order to improve their health. 

However, factors such as, unemployment, jobs, eating habits, housing, family, social lives, etc were generally seen as secondary measures. As a result of these factors, Ngozi  conducted community outreach with other local groups in her local area. The majority of people were in favour of social events  and wanted to improve their health. Ngozi organised her first busines and networking event in 2009 and then went on to organise other types of events, including health and well-being, literary, fashion shows, art and cultural.

 Ngozi is a multi-skilled individual who has found her purpose in life and supports others in improving their health and well-being. She helps  people to find their voices within, by helping them understand that it gives them a little more freedom to speak.