Creative Hub

Write to Heal

 A creative writing  hub for individuals who want to write, talk, share and support  and who are experiencing life-changing challenges. 

We provide a safe environment, respecting the privacy of individuals and their life stories, helping them deal with situations or  issues more positively. We support and encourage individuals, giving and receiving feedback, where necessary. 

We also promote journaling as a way of reflection, tracking progress,  growth and gaining self-confidence.

Writing, according to recent study, eases anxiety, emotions and brings peace of mind. 

Expressions Creative Writing

Expressions is a unique creative writing group, with a great balance of practical writing exercises, honest feedback, exchanging of ideas and dynamic team support. We have lots of fun, laughter and social meet-ups.


Expressive Art

Intergenerational Fashion Show, St Annes Library
Amira age 10

Expressive art has been proven by research to be an effective medium to aid positive mental well-being.
We use this creative process to allow individuals to express themselves, gain personal insights and develop new coping skills.
Techniques can include drawing, colouring, painting, photography, sewing, revamping outfits, ceramics, jewelry and mosaic. We also show how to elongate the life of products by recycling to create a unique experience.
If you would like to get involved, please contact us