Volunteer Spotlight

Benita Friday


Benita Friday, the Eden Jar’s new Board Secretary. Benita is an experienced Coordinator with a strong background in case management, learning and development and social care. She works with a wide range of clients offering client advisory services with a person-centred approach. We are extremely pleased to have her as one of our Trustees and very sure her time with us will be productive and successful

“I am happy to be part of the Eden Jar, a community organisation that helps people with their well-being needs. I am currently participating in one of their workshops and find it beneficial to give back my time and skills to the Eden Jar. In addition, this opportunity would give me a better understanding of the development and growth of the organisation as a whole.” Benita Friday


Lali Meretse

“I am a volunteer with the Outreach Team in the Eden Jar Organisation.  We set meetings, brain storm about different issues that affect people’s life in the communities.  We  come up with questions to find out how people are dealing with their day to day lives.  I hand out questionnaires in the estate blocks. 

We come across people who struggle behind their doors. Some of them are  lonely, depressed and can’t get information easily or find activities  There are a few reasons, including language barrier, or not knowing where to go. 

 I was astonished to find out the amount of people that are not aware about the local community centre, where they can socialise and get information.  We also provide information leaflets. I feel happy and fulfilled It means a lot.”


If you would like to be part of our Committee team , please get in touch.