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Join us on Saturday 14th May 2022 for our monthly Writing Workshop in Dalston. Our guest Author is crime writer Jason Cook.

Jason is a dyslexic writer who lives in Herefordshire, where he grew up after moving from Hackney. At school, he went down the wrong path and didn’t know he had learning difficulties until a lot later on in life.

Jason Cook is a former gangster’s runner who due to peer pressure; became a drug addict at the age of twelve years old.
Within five years he was a face in London’s underworld for all the wrong reasons.

Jason fully admits he became hooked on drugs, which led to him selling drugs from his bedroom and on the streets to pay off his growing drugs debts to local dealers.
Soon he was faced with a situation he couldn’t get out of.

In trouble with ‘Yardies,’ he was forced to smuggle drugs in order to save his friends and family from danger. Despite being dyslexic Jason wanted to tell his stories to others and warn them of how easy it is to become addicted and dragged into a world which is dangerous, illegal and unsafe.

Jason tells his story over four books. They tell the tales of events that could happen to any of us.  Jason is also the CEO of JC PICTURES 
He  holds a slate of books and film screenplays also a theatre show based on his children’s book Rats in Space.  

During the last two years Jason has focused on writing the concepts for ten  films and he has worked with script writing teams in England and America  to produce screenplays and schedules from them. These are  also developments in preparation for film  investment.

You can find his books at Amazon or in WH Smith, or can be ordered from the team at 
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