What’s in a Pinch


⚘…Second day of March. Don’t take the day or others for granted.

As mum and the homes main prankster, on the first day of the month, l would always be the first to wake my children up with “pinch punch first day of the month and no returns”

This has been instilled in me from childhood and l continued it in my family. Years on, would you believe it?  This tradition continues between myself and my adult son to this day. Albeit, virtually. he gets right in there via text, pinch punch, right at midnight. 🙂

This makes me chuckle every time he catches me out.

Well, l found out that my childhood game, pinch punch, is rumoured to be unlucky if you dont say it… chuckle! chuckle! 🤭🤭

The story behind it turns out, the saying dates back to medieval times (possibly later) and boils down to our concrete fear of the supernatural.  The Salt was believed to weaken witches so the “pinch” refers to a pinch of salt. The “punch” is exactly what it is believed to be – a whack.

Now you know…pass it on.🙂


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