A Mother’s Day Gift

With Mother’s day coming this Sunday.

A tribute to you, mum reading this prose, whether you are here in chilly London , or up there in cloudy Scotland, or across over in frosty Wales, or Northern rainy Ireland. This prose is just for you because deep down we know you are worth it.

A mum at play is the best in a child’s day. Thank you for the love shown to your own in your unique special way.

Which ever title you like to hold and cherish whether; biological mum; spiritual mum; surrogate mum; Foster; guardian-mum; adoptive; or even stepmum.

You are the unsung hero, of society, even if l should say so myself. So please do just remember –

Your tender touch, your words of endearment, even the stern words and the scolding when duly, needed, all form indelible prints that is subconsciously eitched on the mind of the child and is a legacy handed down for when they too become the loving tender mum even dad. The reflection of you.⚘


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