Reflecting a Mother’s Love

Reflecting upon the moments spent when growing up. Reminiscing on the love the fun and the ease to be oneself around a playful mum. This experience is really enjoyed when you yourself become the mother to another.

M – a multitasking human machine an
O – ctopus with arms waving everywhere 
T – ogether in tender perfect 
H – armony
E – very day
R – eaching up, reaching down, reaching all around just like an octopus ready to lift, hold, and cuddle at the slightest sound of a whim. 🐙 

There is so much admiration when one observes the mother in action.  She is active with unending energy from the start of her day to the end.  Ah, she sighs, her arms now relaxed, calm and at ease finally tucked under her sheets only to be ready to start all again at the sound of the alarm


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