Write to Heal Enfield

Write To Heal

A free 24 week course was held in Enfield and started May 2023 which helped people to process stress, mental and  physical trauma  through self-expression and  guided writing exercises. This involved  individual writing and group sharing and discussion. We  practiced breathwork to promote inner calm and explored healing foods.

Psychological studies have shown that emotional and physical trauma, can result in improved mental and physical health.

The workshops were beneficial for those who wanted to attend on a long term basis, as well as those who wanted to drop in for shorter periods.


Very relaxed atmosphere and calmness – Egra

This was a safe space and very comfortable to share my life. The teacher was encouraging for me to talk. Linda (name change)

I learnt about life and how to bond with new people – Debbie

I was encouraged to write about my pain- Leah

The background music added to the moment- calming – Judy

The Organiser and the other women present were very warm and friendly – Jane

Please continue to have events like this as very inspiring and helpful for me. Svetlana

If you would like to know more about future Write to Heal Workshops, please contact us 

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